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gangsta Lifetime Supply of Du Rags
This young wigger goes by the alias "Durag Dan" and sent in his picture to proudly display his durag. Like the bandana, the durag is used as a type of decorative headcovering that serves the dual purpose of both proving one's street cred and keeping the head warm. In many ways, the durag is similar to the Native American headress in that the ceremonial function of the headgear far outweighs any practical purpose it may serve. Unlike a nylon stocking, the durag cannot be pulled over one's face to conceal one's identity during a heist (what wiggers refer to as conducting business) and is instead used primarily to attract potential mates for unsafe sexual intercourse.
gangsta Beantown Represents
This pic was sent in by some mad dog wiggers hailing from Boston, giving a whole new meaning to the term Boston Baked Beans.
gangsta Cornrow Shuckin'
Grooming, for the male wigger, is as essential as having mad freestyle skills, the parent's car on the weekends, or a good stereo. This wigger has two out of the three.
Rollin' Rollin'
With his trust fund proceeds in hand, this wigger has set himself apart in the suburbs with the acquision of a sweet ride and rims to match. Poor people eat your heart out!
its your birthday Don't smell my fingers
Reluctantly posing for the camera, this wigger was caught sniffing his fingers after putting on the pink glove and tries to play it off like he's sayin' "peace" to all the homies. Immediately after the camera was shut off this wigger locked himself in his room and resumed sniffing his fingers. Ahhhhhhh, what a hoe !