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couch wigger Undergarment Suprise
As is the case with most cultures, clothing is used not only as protection from the elements, but as a means of making a statement about oneself. Here the camera catches a wigger male showing off his Calvin Klein underwear to woo potential mates. Unlike mainstream western cultures, the wigger publicly displays his underwear by wearing excessively baggy/low waisted trousers. A female wigger will interpret this as an invitation to have unprotected sexual congress.
couch wigger Cotton Candy
Like the Mallard Duck and Peacock, the wigger male will go to great lengths to secure a mate. This young wigger, for instance, has donned a vibrant all pink outfit to ensure success during the mating season. In this case, the flamboyant color scheme serves the dual purpose of both helping him get noticed by females in heat and distracting other males who will be too busy beating his ass to steal any of his mates. An unhealthy strategy, but successful nonetheless.
white thug Gangland
Hanging out behind their parent's house, these wiggers take a moment to unwind with their father's tobacco and a stance that will ward off any other junior high schoolers.
compton wigger Vida Loca Compton
We want to make our readers aware that wigger hunting is a very dangerous job and you can run into some really hardcore wankstas like this Blood STR8 out da suburbs of compton! Notice the trademark snarl - a sign of impending aggression - if one does not back off immediately. This is as much protective aggression as fear-aggression, and we really picked a bad time as this specimen was watching Friends. We advise that one immediately begin a positive reinforcement dialogue with the wigger such as "Iz cool dog" , "My bad dog", or "Dat's a fly hat cuz". This will help to put the wigger at ease and allow him to finish watching Joey and Chandler making out - which of course will turn the wigger on and we suggest you hightail it out of there before you find yourself walking funny the next day.
Gun After School Special...
Taking measures into his own hands, this wigger has apparently gotten into his father's cache of firearms. Like a bad after school special, I think we all know where this is going.