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white rapper Just Don't Eat Me
In the wild a fascinating approach to survival is to avoid detection all-together by predators. This wigger is known in suburbia as a reckless dime bag market operator always doing something to bring the po-po to the hood and has made some very powerful enemies. He is forced to disguise himself as a banana before going out and hip hopping all night at the gangsta club "Banana Grove".
wiggaz Brokeback Mountain
The most important rule of the suburbs is to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Like two lonely cowboys riding the range, these two wiggers have been brought together by the trials and tribulations of the suburban gangster life. Are they friends or enemies? All we know is that they are so very very close that it's hard to tell.

white thug The Man in the Mirror
"Okay, look tough. This is sure to attract the bitches online. Wait, is this backwards? Is this a C or a backwards C?"

Animals left in isolation develop strange behaviors and pscychotic rituals. Because the crew he belonged to abandoned him, this wigger has had little opportunity to interact with other wiggers and the hardcore suburban wanksta lifestyle. Frustrated, this wigga is resorting to self-aggrandization myspace style.
wigga I'm Sorry Momma
After being locked up for two weeks restriction, this wigger is pleading with his mother for an early parole so he can attend the junior prom.

Utilizing mean sampling, our staff of respected academics have determined that the likely hood of this wigger being latently homosexual falls within the 90th percentile. Clearly on the submissive side, this wigger will soon find himself being someone's bitch.

wiggers The Password Is
Like the Freemasons, or two dogs sniffing each other, wiggers follow a strict protocol of introduction. This photo captures a young wigger introducing himself as being from the West Valley, known as being the hardest gated community north of Simi Valley.

With just a few hand signals and a wild-eyed stare this wigger has communicated to the rest of the hip hoppin wangstas that he has a dominant leadership position in West Valley, lots of bitches, and controls the nickle bag market.