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Upside Down Is Gangsta
When this neighborhood psychopath isn't torturing your house cat, he's intimidating the local children for lunch money. Armed with a pellet gun, this wigger not only conveys the promise of a nasty bruise or minor infection, he epitomizes the fact that suburbs everywhere have lost their innocence. The home owner's regulations and zoning restrictions are but a facade, hiding something so terribly gruesome we've yet to talk about it.
Arcade Turf
Armed with a fist full of tokens, this young wigger promises to kick your ass. At tekken.
Rim Job
Once again the camera has caught a rare happening in the wigger culture. An epiphany. "Dude, if I had rims like this, I'd get all the bitches."
webcam wiggers Net Wiggaz
These young men have not only managed to get online, but to harness the capabilities of the webcam. With the newfound advantages of technology, wiggers are able to represent from the luxury of their own home, thereby avoiding the dangers of run in with the police or breaking curfew.
webcam wiggers Impersonatin' but not hatin'
These two impersonatin' wiggers were caught practicing their trade. Unfortunately, the Durst wigga has failed to signal the "westsiiiiiiide" properly and when gang members get a load of this they will beat his ass. These two may not be the real Fred Durst and Eminem, but they're just as ridiculous.