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army wigger GED-Unit Soldier
Yo, how you expek a homeboy to pass 'dis culturally biased test? It's got numbers and letters and shiat like that. The Man can stick dis learning up where da sun don' shine! I is smart an no tes' gonna say I ain't!

scooter wigger Live Cougers In Cars
Spazy Z was loney after an argument with his baby momma so he headed down to local watering hole, got himself wasted and when he came to in the parking lot before dawn he straight up freaked out and was captured throwing these mad gang signs in an effort to scare the cougar away after the beer goggles wore off. We hear the cougar was equally frightened.

crips wigger Mom's favorite bed linen
West coast mom's are scampering for the hampers after this wigga has made it fashionable to adorn yourself in bed sheets. Assessories include Crip blue, LA cap, and NY Nine Tre Bloods (respek) gang sign. This wigga is hedging his bets claiming to hail from both coasts and both gangs.

crocodile wigger You seen my croc ?
This wigga so gangsta' that he's got a pet crocodile.... unfortunatley it ran away and now he's forced to describe what it looks like to animal control.

eastside wigger Rhinos and mad doggin'
This is a prime example of a typical wigger behavior. Notice the overt posture and aggressive hand signals. This wigga is mad doggin' his brother in an effort to egg him on into a heated battle which will determine who will use the playstation first . The rigid arms accompanied by six fingers stretched as far as possible tell us he's bringin' double the east coast powa' and his bro' better be steppin or else.... or else he'll have to get mom.