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underage pimp 3rd Grade Dominance
As we have pointed out previously, the hard life of the violent suburbs brings with it a high attrition rate. Gangs have no choice but to indoctrinate as young as possible. Reduction in the number of members as a result of moms everywhere putting wiggers on restriction is at an all time high and everything possible must be done to increase growth.

Having just beat up a rival "3rd Grade Gypsies" member for lunch money this young white boy is rising quickly in dominance of not only the playground but the school hallways as well. With style, shiny bling, and slick threads this white boy is rollin' easy through life with the biatches not far behind in hot pursuit.

white boy clock It's Time
In wigger culture, for the female, the clock signifies ovulation and a readiness to mate. For the male wigger the clock paints a different picture, one of a lack of seriousness and a desire to goof off. With the goofy grin, this is one time that the hardened face of this wigger is put aside and the world gets to see the soft underneath. Don't be fooled though because this white boy can turn on a dime if he perceives any threat to his status or territory and just as quickly as he let down his hair he can turn into a visious animal who will force you to recite Ice-T lyrics for hours.

white boy gang Bonding
Wiggers have a strict unspoken code which governs the interaction and male bonding of the crew. Here we see what is called "affectional bonding", a ritual which develops the bonds quickly to secure the strength of the group. This happens in a completely non-gay way and the late night pillow fights which take place after the crew has changed into their pajamas and mom has served milk and cookies are often quite violent.

white boy leg tattoo Tattooing The Obvious
Tattoos have served a long historical purpose within wigger culture for not only intimidation but communication as well. This wigger wants his crew and rivals to know that, indeed, he is a white boy because it says so on his leg. When there is doubt within the gang and by rivals as to his true color status he can whip up his pants leg and let the ink do the talking! No more being confused with black boys and yellow boys, this hardcore wigga can rest easy.

white boy gang sign Warn A Brotha
Hugh Walker (aka Wind) has been running a huge herbal extracts ring within the halls of his elementary school for the past six months. Seen here, finally caught, he is forced to reveal how he evaded the hall monitor, teachers, and moles for so long by showing them the secret hand signals that his crew used to warn him. This white boy had it going on and will eventually be found on the cover of Forbes™, but for now it's detention and planning retribution upon the heathen that double crossed him.