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host wigga The Host With The Most
Straight up, this ain't no afterschool special. This latch key kid is showing the suburbs what it means to be a true playa. While mom and dad are at work, this wigga opens his parent's crib up to his friends for all the soda pop and play station they can stomach.
juvenile wiggers Juvenile
Prior to reaching sexual maturity, it is not uncommon for Wigger Juveniles to mimic the behavior of their older counterparts. Taking the form of play, the rituals learned during the pre-sexual age are critical for later initiation into the wigger culture. The two juveniles spotted here are not only chillin' like mature males, but learning their respective ranks in the wigger social order. These seemingly benign activities will later determine who gets the bitches following the next rainy season.
doomed wigger Doomed
Won't survive the next rainy season.
winter wigger Blinding Bolt of Bling
This wigger has assumed an all yellow wardrobe in attempt to blind would be mates. Like a deer caught in the headlights, this man's wardrobe literally stuns females long enough for him to deliver a tasteless pick up line.
clown wigger Insane Wigger Posse
While the untrained eye often perceives wiggers as a single class of jackasses, the seasoned wigger researcher will tell you that wigger culture is made up of several small classes of jackasses. The picture here captures a sub-species of the wigger known as Insane Clown Posse fans. These wiggers are identified by their tendency to dress up as members of the band Insane Clown Posse prior to attending their concerts. Although the commentators at Wiggaz.com keep a value-free interpretive stance when performing their scholarship, it is clear that these wiggers are indeed jackasses.