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wanksta emo Emo Is Hardcore
We're not exactly sure what an upside-down "W" is supposed to stand for in the hardcore wanksta world of emo culture but something tells us it may be a cry for help...

wanksta death grimace Death Grimace
It's too late for the wanksta hunter who tried to catch this wild animal in its natural hardcore habitat, but luckily the camera survived the chaos that followed allowing you to see the last thing the poor soul who snapped this pic saw. May God have mercy...

wanksta web cam A is for A$$hole
We have always touted the importance of the web cam in helping suburban hardcore wankstas increase their mating options and this balla is no exception. Pimipin his dad's executive leather chair this clown is throwing off signs for the wiggettes that he's ready to spread his wigger seed.

wanksta potty training Masturbating to BranGelina
We won't judge. But word on the street says he's into threesomes and has been stalking the adopting crazed couple for the past year. Every morning after his squat free workouts, he makes love to BranGelina. Will his fantasy ever be fulfilled? Don't count this wanksta out, he just may have an ace up his sleeve bandana.

white boy gang sign I Gotz a Ded Black Rapper On My Shirt
Using the imagery of black rappers on clothing has been used by wanksters world wide to give them street cred. And when those rappers have already gone to the other side, it ain't no joke - that's straight up hardcore. When other culturally minded fellas are in his presense they will instantly know this wanksta is fo' real and the wigga bonding process will be sped up so that they can get on with real business.... car jacking old ladies.