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baggy pants Coming or Going
In the wild, prey animals often rely on speed and disguise to survive long enough to mate and continue the never ending mystery of life. Like the zebra or gazelle, this young wigger has equipped himself with an smooth covering so that by the time a predator can stop to figure if he is long waisted or short legged, he is long gone.

P.S. Jesus loves you, 2-Pac, and me.
spider pig Man Wigger
Man Wigger, Man Wigger
Does whatever a Man Wigger does
Can he act
like a normal human being
No he can't
He's a wigger
He is a Man Wigger!!
white thug Distressed
This pic of a wigger and his crew following a brutal initiation ritual captures a brief moment of humanity in the wigger culture. Although wiggers are often renowned for their stoic and often menacing countenances, the camera here portrays a look behind that veil and an insight into this young wigger's thoughts. Although flashing a big "E" (acknowledging his wigger status), the face of this young man betrays a life filled with regret: "why did I go to Fordham instead of Harvard? They're eating me alive here..."
old school Pacify Me
This straight up hardcore wigger was rummaging through grandma's attic and came across his old bling bling.

"Damnz, this is da shiat, wait till mah homiez get a load of this, all I needz now iz sum glowsticks and dah hoes are gonna be on me like black on 2-Pac (may he rest in peace)"
old school Baby Crip Old Skool
Giving his best 'come hither' look but failing miserably, this wigger is attempting to lure a mate with the promise that he is old school. The strategy backfired, and within one hour of posting this pic online and receiving 100 IMs from *bears* a pack of them has decended upon this suburban wigger. The awesome staff here at wiggaz.com later found him ordering a case of anal lube.