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fat wigger Return To The Motherland
It all started in Africa, the dark continent, and that is where it will end. This HARDCORE (and we really really mean it) wigger is leapfrogging into uncharted territory in an attempt to secure a leadership and dominance position through a DIRECT association with the Ubber ancestor of Homo Sapien Niganderthal Whitus: The Homo Afrikanus Hiphopetus.

nipple wigger Bandana Stuffing
After peeling back his skin, this psychotic wigger has stuffed a perfectly good bandana under his skin. We are concerned an infection will develop but this wigger is as oblivious to his own safety and health as he is to the fact that his favorite color happens to be part of a rival gang. After a good *bleep* *bleep* by the bloods this wigger will pick up the pieces of his life and crawl back to suburbia and the baby-blue-crips.

nipple wigger Pretty
I'm so pretty, oh so pretty, I'm the prettiest wigger in the wooooooooooooooorld!

2 Pac wigger Shamefully Gay
Taking a break from masturbating to Ubber-Gangsta 2 Pac, this wanksta has a great deal of guilt over his latent homosexuality and hides his face from the camera. I'm sorry Jesus, forgive me for I know not what I do when I touch myself.

homiesexual wigger Ransom
After the rival gang B-Bop Bois entruded on these wigger's girl scout cookie sales route, they have escaled the issue and are demanding the B-Bop Bois either retreat from their turf or they will force the rival gang member's lil brother to sing 2 Pac songs !! Since the B-Bop Bois worship Biggie Smalls, this will be one long night.