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gorillas Homies In The Mist
Captured off the coast of South Africa and brought back to the United States, these specimens have found themselves in a habitat that has been peculiarly tailored to their needs. In a relaxed but dominant posture, these wiggers are passively defending their territory which seems to be a magnet for families with little kids, anthropology majors, and national geographic. Just don't throw peanuts.

glamour shot Love Springs Eternal
Courtship displays often rely on a careful dance in which the male expresses availability without making himself too emotionally vulnerable coupled with strong attempts at retaining "street cred". This homie has disregarded the precedent and is charting new territory by showing his deep commitment to love and lack of street cred preservation. His heart beats with a thousand endless passions for his one soul mate, his one true wiggette. After his crew gets through beating his ass, he'll write a long poem at HighPoetry.com to his imaginary love.

gang sign Snarling Practice
The crew leader (aka m.o.m) of this dwelling has stepped out to get milk and bread and this hardcore homie is taking the opportunity to practice getting his agressive snarl just right. In the mean streets of suburbia it's a struggle for survival and mating options with every sunrise and sunset. Knowing full well that the more menacing his snarl the larger territorial area he can defend, this wigger is wasting no time in preparing for the confrontations that await him.

south pole The Spy
Suburban gangs are made up of many homies each doing seperate but important tasks to sustain the gang's dominance. "Sleepy B" quickly rose through the ranks to double as a secret agent wigger (SAW) and infiltrate the rival "First Aid Bloods". Seen here showing where his loyalty truly lies this SAW has made a crucial mistake by allowing to be photographed with the rival's article of clothing in his dwelling.

When the FABs see this picture Sleepy B will find himself with some explaining to do while on the other end, his loyalty to the "Villas Yellows" will be questioned by crew members without knowledge of his double life. Either way, his resume is sure to take a hit.

girlfriend wigger Summer Fetish
Our historical studies of wigger culture and life have turned up a rather persistent nipple fetish. Brandon Thomas Kilowski (aka BT Killa), is communicating to potential mates that they must both give and recieve when it comes to nipple pinching. These are not gang signs as many would believe but cryptic mating signals. With many summer months still ahead, this homie is free to induldge himself and worry about the winter at another time.