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army wigger Frightened
Checking his e-mail @pimp.com our man Killa Maddog has just opened up an email from Johnny (a.k.a Bullet), who says that the word on the street is that the hoodrat Maddog been messin' round wit has genital herpes. Doh!

scooter wigger Baking M&Ms
This wigger, after many long lonely dry seasons, has finally snagged himself a wiggette after telling her about the 22" spinners he just put on his civic. Knowing full well that this wigga is her "golden ticket" to a lifetime supply of wife beaters and magic markers....this wigger's woman wants you to know she's baking a cake.

crips wigger Sling Blade
I reckon I'm gonna have to hurt you. Mmmmm.
This is an Oklahoma wigga after a hard day of wielding lawnmower blades and protecting his crops from invading farm boys. Please note the firm jaw line and his ability to look right thru you.

-Thanks to an Anonymous Submiter

crocodile wigger The Decoy
With dove like soft skin, soft lines, and warm eyes this wigger is filling a vital role in his crew. When a dominant gang shows up demanding a bounty in women, this wigger (aka Decoy D) is offered and the charade lasts just long enough to hide the females. A role so vital that he has the respect of the whole crew, even when he walks funny.

eastside wigger Cornrow Strategy
Grooming is essential to wigger identity and position within the crew. By retaining the services of Tyrone (aka Cornrow Masta), this wigga is making a statement that he's planning a major shift in the hierarchy structure inside the crew. Most wiggers assume a neutral or submissive role toward the crew leader but this hardcore balla will challange for dominance.