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wigga Seats Seven
Life is made up of milestones; walking, a first kiss, college, and in this case - getting a drivers license. Until that actually happens, this young wigger has dressed up his bike old school so that the bitches know just how fly he really is. Of course, when they ask about his ride, he casually responds that the law confiscated his wheels after a five-state high speed shoot-em-up chase.

Notice the spread legs and huge sweats... a cryptic message to females that his balls are so big...
Limited Sight
These wiggers were caught wearing their hoodies in a local pizza parlor. Because these two wiggers are still juveniles, they covere their eyes with the hoods in an attempt to remain incognito. Within the wigger culture, making eye contact (especially with a dominant male or his female) may be perceived as mad dogging: a challenge of dominance initiated by making eye contact. The hood also serves the dual purpose of disguising oneself to any local law enforcement agents.
Preacher Man
This wigger is known by his friends as the preacher man. Forced by his parents to attend a local Bible study after they became concerned that he was falling in with the wrong crowd and thus might end up in a state college, this wigger has become fluent the ways of the Lord. When his fellow players are faced with a moral decision, this is the man they come to for advice.
Jesus saves!
Tin Man
Here is a proud wigger displaying his tin foil grill he just made after a trip to mom's kitchen. They see me grillin' n' chillin', this is how I'm rollin'....now the hoes will come a-runnin! Too bad the overbite is keeping this fine wigga specimen from representin' the front end of a Mack truck.
wigga Cosmopolitan
Does this hardcore wigger hail from the east coast or the west coast? Stuck in Sandusky, Ohio, this wigger is desperately struggling to fit in. With the Compton hat and the New York necklace, he's staking out a claim for the middle coast and confusing gang members just long enough to make a run for it.