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gangstaShadow Puppets
Having no freestyle abilities whatsoever, this wigger attempts to lure potential mates through the time old tradition of shadow puppetry. It's a duck, now it's a beautiful swan. Rumor has it, his bunny rabbit is legend.

duragWanksta Du Rag
The world can be an unforgiving place. The wigger's brain must be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily life as well as all sorts of environmental conditions. A quality Du Rag is the first line of defence against the scortching sun, torential downpours, and blizzards. This wigger laughs in the face of heat stroke, hypothermia, and brain freeze.

thug lifeTerritorial Dominance
Like two dogs urine marking, these wiggers unleash the birdie marking coupled with genetalia grabbing to signify their territorial dominance over the camera man and his crew. In the wigger culture, territorial control is essential to survival and may extend far past the boundaries of the 'hood.

wigga aloneThe warmth of a wigger's bosom
Despite their best efforts, our follow up reveals that these two wiggers have failed to secure mates prior to the long winter season and must rely on themselves for comfort and warmth.

Tonight, when the lights go dim these two will begin an awkward push / pull battle until both have accepted that the musky smell of their bodies is more desirable then frostbite.

party Redneck or budding wigger?
Our staff here at wiggaz.com has determined this "Regger" will soon evolve into a fully functioning Homo Sapien Niganderthal Whitus. He knows he will need a mate from this species for the dry season and has heard that wiggettes love brandy and Pepsi. Making an offering of both he's ready to get his willy wet.

Having received advice that will sabotage his plans, this regger will either fall into a deep spiral of depression or be filled with rage and take revenge and slaughter the saboteur in a game of warcraft at his parents house.