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eastside wigger Double Dippin'
Fo' da players on the east coast I show you my bling bling, Fo' mah bruthas on the west I'm throwin' down this mad respek..... Don't ya'll cats worriez 'bout me non. I'm keepin' it rizzle up in dis hizzle!

After asking mom how to work the timer on the sony digital camera, this wigger is mad representin with the lunch money he saved by skipping lunch all these years. After he's done cleaning out the fireplace, dad might let him go to the local putt putt golf.

crips wigger Ghost Riding The Whip
Taking the westside by storm, Trevor (aka Ghost Playa) is a take-no-prisoners wigger showing his homies and the wiggettes in da crowd his mastery of over his pimp jeep. This phat playa gonna take one from the Tao of Steve... be desireless, be excellent, be gone. The ladies will come runnin fo sho'.

army wigger Wigger A-Fair
We came upon these wiggers at the county fair looking for a lucky lady to award with a big stuffed monkey they won by knocking down milk bottles with a softball. The one on the right finally succeeded in winning the prize and thus was able to establish his dominance over the other two. Wiggers are very social creatures (as seeen here chillin' with the crew), but dominance is a key factor in keeping the crew intact. Especially where the opposite sex is concerned.

scooter wigger Trailer Park Nightmare
Michael K. Schuman (aka Trigger) is a straight up manace at the Sunnyvale trailer park. Until this gangster arrived on the scene, it was redneck turf and getting hit by a beer bottle was the worst that could happen on a Saturday night .....but you don't get the nickname "Trigger" by throwing beer bottles ya hear?

The staff here at wiggaz.com, your one stop for all that is wigger, have just learned that MK Schuman took two girlscouts hostage and is demanding 10,000 boxes of that minty goodness, 100 gallons of milk, 500 hookers, and lots of Rolaids™. If the demands aren't met this madman threatens to force the innocent girlscouts to memorize 50 Cent™ lyrics. God help us all.

crocodile wigger Protective Aggression
In the hardcore streets of the suburbs protective aggression refers to aggression directed at anyone or anything that the wigger considers a threat to his crib or any valuables. Raising a .000045 BB gun, this hardcore gangsta is saying to the camera: "You think you can get my B-Ball? Shiat, you trippin dog"