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get crunk hand puppetry Get Crunk Hand Puppetry
Sociologists everywhere are coming to the conclusion that wiggers have a peculiar obsession with hand puppetry. Here we see the local crew preparing for a get crunk show to be put on right after they do their chores.

get crunk aviator gangster The Aviator
Wiggers get crunk on their dreams YO! Here we see our subject in a hypnotic trance about his future as an aviator for the Wigger National Guard. He has dreams of airbrushing his favorite number 508 on the side of his plane, but unfortunately he's color blind and will have to stick to selling dime bags out of his grandma's apartment.

getcrunkvegetable juice Vegetable Juice
Leaning at a perfect 45º angle our "Shady" get crunk wigger needs his V8™ after a night of hard crunkin'. A health conscious wigger he is, but giving up crunkin' would be a severly punishable offence in the hardcore middle class Pittsburgh suburbs.

get crunk bar posse Get Crunk Bar Posse
A night of gettin' crunk will bond this new crew for life. The Hennessey™ Cognac is a "high rollin'" bonding drink, signifying the importance of this event. Relatively tame at the moment the night will bring copious amounts of gang sign flashing, crotch grabbing, chest bumpin', thuggin', and porcelain God worship.

get crunk gangster grillz Gangster Grillz
As we have mentioned before, the high attrition rate within the wigger lifestyle due to moms establishing and enforcing curfews, demands the recruitment of the ever younger. After getting this newb crunk on Kool Aid™, a member of the local crew is hoping that by the time he grows older he will be able to stand up to his mother's curfew demands.

Submitted by Krissy