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fat wigger Doughnut Boy
Creativity runs in the veins of fat wiggers like sap thru a pine tree. Tired of being alone during hibertation this poverty stricken wigger has made good use of his little sister's magic marker and now he is the proud owner of a "Thug Life" tattoo. This tattoo and the number 50 is sure to get the bitches for the long months ahead. By the time the female figures out she's been had and this wigga ain't The Real McCoy, hibernation season will be over and the cycle will start itself all over.
nipple wigger I Need Nipples 'This' Big
Perverts come in all shapes and sizes but when it comes to this suburbian whitey he's all about nipples... your nipples that is. Ready for mating, this wigger is communicating his needs to the wiggette community. Knowing full well itty bitty nipples won't supply the milky nourishment to his future litter of bastardized wiggies (wigger babies), he's making sure that his mate will come well equiped with the right size equipment to supply the needed 2 litre of daily wiggy natural formula.

nipple wigger Jesus And Guns
"I love Jesus but if you cross me I will cap yo ass! But first let me take this picture of the last thing YOU'LL see if I percieve that you threaten my status and ranking in my crew, biatch!" From a wigger's perspective, there is always a reason for aggressive behavior, expecially when there is a challenge to a wigger's social status or his control of the dime bag market. It is recommended that you avoid wiggers were they are likely to show aggression, such as inside a bathroom of a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, suburbia home.

2 Pac wigger Rituals To 2 Pac
We believe We can fly
We believe We can touch the sky
We think about 2 Pac every night and day
Spread our wigger wings and fly away
We believe We can soar
We see 2 Pac running through that open door
We believe We can fly
We believe We can fly
We believe We can fly

homiesexual wigger Homie-sexual
"Golly Gee, you want me to do what ? Is that really part of the initiation?" In the wild animals are not limited to fight or flight, there is one stage called friosity which is a mix of frightened apprehention but also a sense of curiosity. As you well know, homosexuality is rampant within the wigger community and this little wiggie has found himself with a passenger that scares him yet has something he wants...