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Territorial Aggression
Have you ever been tricked by something that was fake? Sometimes, a weaker animal has to imitate a stronger one to stay alive. Like the moth catepillar mimmicing a snake, this wigger is copying the defence behavior of an actual gangster.

If his "Mimicry" is succesful this Little Bloods member will defend his plaid couch from a girl scout who was invited in by mom and asked to "make herself comfortable".
This young wigger is captured in a rare instance of fight or flight. He wants his turn on the playstation, and he's willing to inflict a serious cappin' if he has to. Will his kid brother relent, or are the two going to fight for supremacy of the house's resources? This man is seriously frightened, the scared look on his face portrays the seriousness of this situation: if he does not succeed, he will become submissive to his younger brother and lose his street cred.
Glamour Shots
This crew was captured showing off their game faces after their moms decided it was time for their annual glamour shots. The photographer was actually so threatened by their menacing grimaces that he tried to flee in terror immediately after snapping this photo. Unfortunately, the flash and sudden movement caused the one on the left to charge and literally trample him before he could find safety. Let this loss be a reminder that wigger hunting is best left to the professionals. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!
Dishpan Hands
This young wigger is looking like he is up for some serious rabble rousing, just as soon as he finishes his chores.
Photoshop Thugin'
Have you ever wanted a tattoo so badly but mom wouldn't let you get one? This wanksta found a way to be hardcore online wit da bitches by askin' his lil brother to photoshop "thug life" on his six pack.... thinkin' by the time his street cred will need to be verified he'll have talked mom into it.