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douchebag wigga Douchebag Extraordinaire
After promising all his sisters that he would take them for a ride in his civic decked out with 24" spinners, they are helping their brother be the biggest douchebag on the internet.

douchebag first place

Biggest Douchebag

albino pimp Betcha Ya Ain't Got One Of Deez !
Whoa! Dis homie is loaded! Like a peacock unfurling its tail, wiggers unfurl their fat wads which attracts potential mates like moths to a flame. With a poster of a private jet, air force jet, some fvcking plane he wishes he had and a one whole benjamin - which the middle class make in HALF A DAY - dis balla will pick himself up a 10 year old and buy her some trinkets out of the .50 cent vending machines at the food mart .

cart pimp Collagen Is The New Gangsta
Our comedy writer (Crazy C) here at wiggaz.com has advised us that we indeed can say douchebag again. Therefore, this douchebag wigga is crossing over into the metrosexual dimension ensuring he will attract both women and men - thereby increasing the chance he will have a warm body for the long winter ahead.

Staff Note: Last we heard this pre-madonna got a job cleaning golf balls at Pebble Beach after he got his ass kicked when he tried to hit on the po-po during a traffic stop.

south pole pimp The "Mimic"
In a pack of wild dogs, there is always one that will act as a mimic.... frontin' to be the dominant dog when the leader is away. Dis thugger got some mad skillz.... notice how he has exquisitely replicated the posture, the westcoast gang sign, the bald head, the tats, the gold watch, the chair, the skin color..... last we heard Tupac came down from heaven (or hell to all you haterz) and kicked this wanksta's ass himself.