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couch wigger House Arrest
This wigger has been busted and placed on house arrest by his mom. He's served solitary before and, like most wiggers, the sad truth he's a repeat offender. He tries to placate mom by claiming he will be "peaceful" from now on and it just might do the trick. The revolving door grounding policy, as it has come to be known, demonstrates the need for reform by parents everywhere. Statistics show that of all wiggers grounded by their parents, over 80% of them have been grounded before. Talk of a three strikes rule and zero tolerance have failed to deter young wiggers from consistently breaking curfew or acting up in class.
crew Midgets and cameras
After setting up a weekend house party and inviting the AAM (American Association of Midgets), this wigger has some nefarious intentions in store. After a few drinks and getting the midgets stoned this wigga is attempting to mate with a midget holding the camera during this newly discovered ritual known only as the "Little People Hip Hop Exploration Weekend".
couch wigger Straight Up Gangsta
Like the caribou and zebra, these young wiggers know the value of safety in numbers. With a strongly knit crew, these young juveniles practice their sparring techniques and indulge in youthful revelry. Although they are still too young to secure mates of their own, the skills they learn now will greatly enhance their chances of surviving the mean suburban streets long enough to foster offspring in a hotel room fifteen minutes after the senior prom.
couch wigger B-Boy
Because the wigger life style brings with it a high attrition rate, it is not uncommon for crews to start recruiting new members at younger and younger ages. Reflected by the vernacular Baby Boy and Baby Girl, gangs these days are often comprised of children entirely under the age of six.
couch wigger Hand Me Downs
If anything, wiggers are a family. This one, for instance is caught posing in his older brother's gear. But don't worry little fella, you'll grow into those clothes yet.