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Items you will find in a wigger's closet:

ny baseball cap Fly Baseball Cap
West coast, east coast, Los Angelos, New York - it doesn't matter as long as the homie has some pimpin' headgear to cover that hair that ain't been washed in two weeks. Turned to the side our wigga fool is ready for some serious fly style. As with all fly headgear turning it backwards means our wiggy is ready for buzinass. He's rollin' up his sleaves and ready to get some real work done - like pimpin' the biatches or scopin out new territory for his dime bag route.
no fear visor Elite Pimpin Visor
Jack Nicklaus move over, you ain't the big pimp in town no mo'! Nothing says "Hardcore Suburbia Gangsta" like a golf visor - especially if it's upside down. We can only speculate that this fad got started when one day a bunch of white homies tried to be fly on the 18th hole of Pebble Beach and we all know anything backwards from the way "The Man" does things is gangsta .... and abracadabra - upside down fly visor.
hoody hoodyThe "pharmacy is open" Hoody
From just a fly homie to a mobile pharmacy in disguise in 10 seconds flat, the hoody has always given wiggers the option to turn on a dime when pimpin the viagra black market. From the villas of Ross valley, CA to the penthouses of Manhatten rich white kids everywhere have found instant street cred with the hoody.
scarface shoes Straight up Gangsta Earth Pads
When your sneakers pay homage to a movie character it's soooooo gangsta! To knock their street cred into the gangstosphere wiggers everywhere are stockin up their suburbia bedroom closets with virgin white Air Force 1 Scarface pimpin' kicks.