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The Wigger Fossil Record

fossil grillzHomo Sapien Niganderthal
100,000 BC

Diamonds Are Forever: In an amazing find that is sure to put Creationists in their place our own team of Archaeologist and Paleontologists here at Wiggaz.com bring you this amazing transition fossil with bling-bling intact. This suburbian cave dweller knew how to impress the ladies and make all the wiggaz of the mountain side jealous.

yankee skull capHomo Sapien Niganderthal Yankus
25,000 BC

Original fads ? Non-existent! This fossil specimen has proven this trademark wigger look is as old as.... damn it's just old! This old timer set the standard for mackin', pimpin, and downright gettin' his funk on! The Niganderthal of 50k BC may have had the badass bling but this mack daddy has got the style!

hooded skullHomo Sapien Niganderthal Whitus
5,000 BC

WWJD? What would Jesus do if he ran into this hooded brotha from another motha ? Niganderthal Whitus first appeared in the fossil record around 5000 BC and after 7 thousand years of evolution all you have to do is visit your local suburbia mall to understand how powerfully stable this evolutionary stage has been. Trully amazing is how coincidently similiar the bling which has been preserved resembles our monetary system symbol. This specimen was truly a pioneer in the awe inspiring upward crawl of wigger evolution.