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grandma wigger Still Waiting...
Usually females within the wigger culture leave the life by the age of 40 but this wiggette still has not had any viable offspring and she is still hoping that one day a wigger in shining bling bling will wisk her off her feet and fulfill the dreams of love she has had since childhood. Although many wiggers have attempted to sow their seeds in her fields she refuses to believe she's barren and continues to claim all her suitors have had low sperm counts.

mannequin female wigger Price Tag Is Gangsta
To secure a mate for the long winter ahead this female wigger is "tagging" herself with a fixed-price. This may seem strange or even derogatory to those outside the wigger culture but within the wigger culture it is quite acceptable means of valuing onself.

For example, one need only refer to the often used phrases "I is money", "You money dog", or "I'm gold baby, I'm gold". Dont' be fooled, coupled with the elite cornrow strategy (not for everyone), and her business skillz this wiggette won't be on the market long.

aunt jemima female wigger Pancake Abuse
Don't let this wiggette's smile fool you, behind those perly whites lies pain and suffering. All she knows is that she was just a sweet innocent hip hoppin girlfriend of a fly wigga (Heavy-B)..... but all that came to an end when Heavy-B lost 150 pounds and his dominant position in the crew. Now, she's forced to make breakfast exactly as she's told for a gangsta crew of 10 or else .... or else they will make her watch Kenny G videos.

red cross female wigger Breadsticks
We here at wiggaz.com have been wigger hunting for a long time but we are still amazed at the lengths wiggettes will go to when showing they are ready to mate. This hoodrat has stuffed breadsticks under her hoody possibly to signal she wants a hardcore wigger who is hungry - hungry for some lovin.

What else has she stuffed inside that hoody ? Bling bling? 24" rims? a suitcase of grillz ? The wigger is left to only wonder at the treasures awaiting him when that hoody comes off.

wardrobe female wigger Wardrobe Queen
This wiggette is ready to pounce and poke out the eyes of any female who happens to wander too close and threaten her collection of hip hop threads. Like a dog's bark, her "oh, no you don't" penetrating gaze will make any rival gang members wanting to covet her closet think twice.

After this species finishes protecting her territory she'll get back to the job at hand - attaching hair extensions that will attract the wiggaz that let their pants vacation around their ankles.