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woman bling
Hangin Tough
These two females were caught flaunting their bling and matching jumpsuits, necessary for both enhancing their street cred and reinforcing that, in fact, they are the first.

    wiggette chillin
Keeping Warm, but Still Chillin'
It may get downright cold in the Missippi, but these two females have found a way to fight the elements without losing their cred. Like many members of the animal kingdom, these two specimens don coats that are both functional as well as useful for attracting potential mates.

westside wigger womanWest Side
It is no secret that the west side of any town is a dangerous place. But this young wigger is captured wearing her location as a badge of courage, addressing the problems of suburbia in a way that the Minnetonka city council never could.

webcam wiggetteDiscovered
This web cam pic is a prime example of the problems faced by big business attempting to exploit the mean streets. This female is demostrating that it was, in fact, she who first came up with the concept for the Mitsubishi commercials. A chilling reminder that big business cannot keep the suburbs silent forever.

cute wiggerFreedom
Technology has truly changed the world. Although she's been grounded, this wigger is still representing in cyber space and her parents are none the wiser.