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female wigger
Throw Down
This female wigger has been captured while showin her signs. The turned Yankee's cap and stoic expression on this young lady portray the hardened life of being a wigger girlfriend. At Wiggaz.com we often strive to show you the real life casualties of wigger life and this is no exception. While the men are out fiercly battling over their turf, the quiet suffering of the female wigger often goes unnoticed.

    ovulation timing
Ovulation Timing
The significance of the oversize clock for the wiggette is that it is a symbol of readiness to mate. The clock expresses to dominant wigger males "my eggs are ready and I am in heat!". To ensure 99.999999% mating probability this wiggette has positioned herself next to some shiny $99.00 rims on her Fiero. Shiny objects draw wiggers like moths to a flame and this wiggette is taking no prisoners!

attracting matesAttracting Mates
These females were captured on film while dancing at a hip hop club. As with females of other species, the wigger female will always travel in packs when seeking members of the opposite sex. However, once a suitable mate has been identified, the two will viciously turn on each other in an attempt to secure the mate for themselves. This picture was taken moments before the one on the left suddenly bit into the neck of her companion.

deadly sirenDeadly Siren
This wiggette is *drool*.... ok as I was saying this wiggette is straight up repryzentin the Sirenum Scopuli crips! Casting her visual song *drool* ....damn it...ok casting her visual seduction at all the wiggers this wiggette *drool* ....sofb!... she just sucks them right in. Having no problem choosing mates, this *drool* wiggette *drool* is gonna do *uugghgh* whatever she *omg omg omg* wants *oh yes yes yes jesus*!!!

game face girlGame Face
With the help of modern technology, wiggettes everywhere are now macking online. This young wiggette, for instance, is utilizing the technology of the webcam to attract potential wigger mates. She will receive a flurry of IMs (113 to be exact), and have her pick of the most suburbia gangsta homie. A trully modern marvel sure to thrust the evolution of the Homo Sapien Niganderthal Whitus into the stratosphere!

    bee hoe
This female has been captured on film in the midst of a serious confrontation with a fellow female after finding out that Johnny (aka J-unit) asked them both to the senior prom. They say the hippo is the most dangerous animal in Africa, but after this discovery, J-unit will no longer fear the hippo.