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finland wigga
Frontin' in Finland
This photo captures a Finnish wigger frontin' for his crew (a unit of the tribe). In a failed attempt to secure dominance, this wigga is saying that if they make him the leader of the crew, he'll reward them all with reindeer sausages at least 12" long, and signed autographs from tribal hip hop leaders. A promise everyone knows he cannot keep.

In further examination we can see the circular hand gesture signifies the width of the reindeer sausages while the other hand is about 12" away. This is clear suburban wigger code and we here at wiggaz.com have deciphered it!

    european posse
Five Bucks
One curious fact about Europeans is that they tend to classify Americans into one of three categories: obese, cowboy, or gangsta. These two euro-wiggaz for instance, were so thrilled to meet a true to life American gangsta that they paid him five euros to pose in this picture with him in hopes of enhancing their street cred in the mean streets of downtown Copenhagen. When they asked this unsuspecting American tourist if he was a crip, he gave them a blank stare and responded that he was a Financial Planner for a fortune 500 company. The two euro-wiggaz then asked if they could be initiated into his gang. Somewhat confused, he responded that he did not know if they were hiring, but gave them his email address and invited them to send a resume.

    dutch hemp
Dutch Hemp Transportation
The Dutch may not be perfect, but they do know a thing or two about efficient public transportation. We can see this young Dutch wigger is up to no good in his urban clothing which he clearly bought from Tommy Hilfiger. Killing two birds with one stone he is transporting whack ganja while on his way to practice his freestylin' hip hop moves with some friends.

The method of transportation this wigger has chosen is forcing him to protect his precious cannabis cargo from other gangsta wiggers by enveloping it with his torso . With a smug facial expression suggesting he has already subdued the bloods gang member in the background this hardcore wigger is sitting pretty and taking a moment to tell the camera "I is money, Yo".

grandma raisedRaised By Grandma
When Grandma is away, the wigger will play! An up-and-commer, this young German wigger has made a crucial mistake by being allowed to be photographed in a habitat that is not respected in the hardcore urban underground of tribal leaders. This mistake will cost him dearly not only in street cred but also mating options. When the dry season rolls around he will only have his Grandma to comfort him.

garden gangstaGarden Gangsta
When this Swedish wigger isn't making stylish, reasonably priced furniture for apartment owners everywhere, he's planting mad ganja in his overgrown and well hidden garden. This creature rarely allows to be photographed in the wild like this but he has an overstock of some shizzled fo nizzle maryjane and must unload his stash before the rainy season or else he will be alone with no wiggettes to offer their bosoms in solemn comfort. For now, he's content to wait on the rest of his crew to arrive, then it's meatballs and brownies for everyone!