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sneer Frankfurt Represents
Enticed with promises of loyalty and an endless supply of Coach purses, a preppy female has fallen into the wigger web. Holding his own and sneering to ward off potential rivals to the potential mate he has snagged, this European wigger's posture suggests he understands the danger posed by the rival gang members behind the camera but at the same time is confident his rapping skillz will scare off the bloods and crips on his tail.

After a short courting stage, this hardcore wigger will turn that preppy female into a member of his wiggette harem. Every day in the world of the wigger is a dangerous urban struggle for dominance, survival, and securing and keeping a mate. This German wigger looks to have his hip hop ducks in a row!
bronze finger Bronzed, Deadly, and a Puppy Picture
In the world of wiggers, hip hop, and ganster rap only the few are chosen to lead.

Gerlof: Do we look tough now, Sven.
Sven: Not yet, try more bronzer.
Gerlof: How about now?
Sven: Not yet, something is missing.
Joris: Yo, I gotz an idea to improve our toughness.
Gerlof: Speak!
Joris: Two words....Puppy picture!
Sven: Wurd!
denmark wigger Denmark Volunteering
Caught in a rare moment of emotional vulnerability, two hardcore wiggers have volunteered as big brothers to a mentally disabled fellow. An engenius move to secure the mating favors of fellow wiggettes during the dry season with suggestions of emotional availability and compassion, these wiggers are able to retain their street cred. Gang members and tribal hip hop leaders can't punish these wiggers for dressing up a retard in their coveted hip hop clothing and rap accessories else they be seen as too cold hearted. Even if you're gangsta yuz got to have a soft spot.
game face wigger Game Face
Notice the stone cold eyes of this young European wigger, from melees in village discotheques to all out dual-to-the-death Danish freestyle competitions, he has seen it all. With a look of superiority suggesting his suffering is greater they yours, this hardcore wigger has adorned himself with baby blue colors of the feared and respected "Baby Crips".

Don't be fooled by the common posture, these hands are deadly communication devices that must not be avoided by other wiggers! Communicating his dominance over a rival gang he uses his right hand to "cup" the gang sign of the rival. This "cupping" is suggestive of the submissive and dominance power plays in the world of sadomasochism.

Although this wigger is not a homosexual, in the world of wigger culture there is one insult which can ruffle the feathers of even the hardest, coldest, and meanest gangster wigger: "Imma make yuz my biatch, faggit!". This is precisely the message this young hardcore wigger is sending to rivals. For him, it's either a ride to the top of the wigger food chain or burning out like a flame. It's go time.
low pants wigger Camoflauge
In order to survive, animals often develop means of disguising themselves to throw off potential predators. The angler fish, for example, has developed a worm-like growth on the top of its head to lure unsuspecting prey close to its mouth. In much the same spirit, this young wigger has similary developed an amazingly odd looking waistline. If you stop and wonder whether his pants are just too low, or if he's actually amazingly long waisted, it's already too late.