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restless legs
Restless Legs
Wiggers often adodpt pseudonyms or street names as a means of furher enhancing their ties to their crews and securing their street cred. This young Dutch wigger, for instance, has chosen to adopt the pseudonym restless. But why is he so restless?

We here at wiggaz.com have determined this wigger suffers from the "restless legs" debilitating condition which is slowly spreading through villages in the Netherlands crippling the young wigger population. Here, he is doing his part to get the message out about a serious matter within the hip hop wigger community.

Staff Note: Restless legs is a condition where the sufferer simply can't stop moving his or her legs. When the initial symptoms appear the sufferer is overjoyed as they find a sense of energy and rhythum that they never had. The onset is not immediate and only some hip hop beats or rhythums send the sufferers legs into rhythmic metronome like movments regardless of the sufferer's dancing ability. But soon the darkness comes and the legs continue to move and move and move with no rest in site. The muscles are overloaded and stressed and begin to deteriorate. The sufferer must constantly eat to restore energy supplies used by these restless legs. A truly horrible condition we here at your only stop for all that is wigger... do not wish on anyone.

wigger beach
On the Prowl
Once again, we see a European wigger on the prowl for a mate. With his hair done up and shirt open wide, this homie is struttin' and proclaiming "I am the prize". Darwin is turning in his grave.

italian gangstasItalian Gangstas
These two Italian wiggers are living proof of the latent dangers in watching too many Roberto Benigni films.

From the UK contributor of this photo: The two homeys diguised the move beneath a classic wigga-esque handshake but secretly swapped phone numbers at a bumpin' party in London.

bronze fingerDynamic Duo
Armed with enough bronzer to raise the Roman Empire from the dead, these two European wiggaz hit the clubs for a night on the town. We wish it was this simply, but in the dark underbelly of the suburban wigger a night on the town does not end with clubin .... it ends in dark alleys with rival gang members fighting over Grandma's cookie recipes.