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wigger fur Bling Bling and Fur
This European wigga is caught flaunting his precious bling and making a fur statment: Yeah, I wear fur that some Chinese guy skined off a screaming live animal... you got a problem with that? With a reckless regard for authority and a cold heart toward furry animals, this wigga doesn't care if his mom finds him wearing her jewelry.

Staff Note: We here at your one stop for all that is wigger love furry animals and if you wear fur you are evil! If you are faint of heart under no condition should you go to furisdead.com.
prime time wigga B-Ballin'
Equipped with a visor, jersey, and bling this wigger has taken a brief break from ballin' (playing basketball), to display his game face. Facing extreme dangers from rival gang bangers on the court this young wigger has a brilliant plan should he be jumped for his bling. As you are well aware, clothing (or hip hop gear) is central to the identity of the wigger.

But wigger attire can send messages which are latent and only triggered when danger is present. This baller ,in an attempt to confuse rival gang members that are about to beat his ass and take his bling, has adorned himself with both blue and red gang colors. Because of the "neutral" white he can participate in ballin activites, it is only when the wigger gang members start shooting up testosterone pre-fight do these colors confuse and run!
old wigger For Us By Us at 50
Because wiggers think they are actually Homo Sapien Niganderthal Blakus and not Niganderthal Whitus it is entirely acceptable to done the coveted FUBU clothing line. Like a silver back gorilla this wigger has lived through it all. He has suffered through the Berlin Wall that seperated the wigger community under the harsh conditions of communist rule.

Like aged fine wine, this old wigger won't show his grizzled psychy to the world. No, he puts on a facade of happyiness and innocence. His suffering is great, but he is humble. A playa until the end, it is no wonder he's known as the silver fox of Copenhagen.
old wigger Serious
"Sven, Sven, show them you OG"
"Like this, Hans?"
"No, meaner--perfect, you real hardcore."
old wigger Three Wise Wiggers
These young wiggers having heard "the one" was born are preparing to make their trip to Stockholm by starlight to pay homage to a wigger born in a manger. They will bring gifts of bling bling, frankenweed, threads, and crack. They shall bow in respect and will be representin' the hardcore gated community "Verner Forest" in Sweden.