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numero dos chigga A-Town's New Yellow Pages
Let my fingers do the walkin' fo U. Information is everything in the hood. This chigga is the man when you want info on the phone numbers of rival gang members or their home addresses for a good old fashioned drive-by.
asian gangsters The Underground
With the old addage that you're safer in numbers when being gangsta' underground, these asian yiggers have swarmed together like a hive of bees to protect this eastbound platform from the onslaught of gangs every morning that attempt entry unto the eastbound subway headed for the inner city.
asian wedding Puffed Pimpin'
Ah, the family wedding. The pagoda, the traditional dress, the little brother frontin' in the Puff Daddy suit.
far east Far-East Side
Like Sars, this young yigger has terrorized the east side for far too long. He's treading a thin line and if he keeps it up mom will take back the dishrag.
asian car I is money - westsiiiiiiiide
Green? Green with envy when you see his pimpin' ride.
Pocket Protectin' Gangsta
These unruly yiggers have taken a moment to pose for the camera and show off their respective signs. Let this be a warning to outsiders everywhere, the poly-sci majors of UCLA are not to be messed with.