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Wigger In The Real World

It's a long and hard journey for wiggers in the real world. Gaining respect, carjacking, pimpin da hoes, getting grounded.... it just aint easy. But it's not just about an identity anymore. No, the word wigger has gained true respect, the kind of respect no amount of c-notes, hoes, or du-rags could ever gain. In my in-depth investigative reporting I uncovered the word wigger is a last name!. Suprised are you? As am I. Here, for your inquisitiveness are the results of my research.

Wiggers Do Yachts

wigger yachts

One thing we know, wiggers love boats almost as much as they love their bling! Rest assured, no rapping and hip hopping goes on at this establishment. No pimpin hoes or dancing to Soulja Boy...just good old fashioned boat building and selling. Visit Wiggers Custom Yachts for all your pimpin yacht needs!

Wiggers Make Furniture

wiggers furniture

One thing we can all agree on is the skillz wiggers have in the world of crafting. They are craftly lil suckers! So it's no suprise that we find 'em making some sweet custom furniture. I mean have you seen their Kidney Shaped Desk? And you thought Jesus had a monopoly on capentry? Sometimes, you really have to hand it to these Wiggers...it's not just all about gangbangin and walkin' around like you got a hot poker in yoru butt. Visit Wiggers Custom Furniture for all your furniture needs!

Wiggaz Jump From Planes

free fly wiggaz

I was never one to jump out of a perfectly good airplane but bravery knows no bounds when you deal with wiggers. Especially when it involves practicing the acient art of Wigflying. From Socrates to Bill Clinton, Wigflying has played an extremely important role in shaping not only our culture but civilizaiton as a whole. An adrenaline junkies delight! Visit Free Fly Wiggaz for all your skydiving needs!

Wiggers Do Photography

wigger photography

Who said a Wigger can't be artistic? Hey, I love photography as much as the next guy and if you check out Erin's pictures you will see just the quality of pictures a Wigger can take! Visit Erin Wigger for all your photography needs!

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