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Welcome to wiggaz.com...

We know many of you are students who may be doing either science projects or papers on the wigger, rap, or hip hop culture. You have come to the right place! We will soon cover topics such as the evolutionary tree of the wigger (Homo Sapien Niganderthal Whitus), their mating habits, their survival strategies, and their urban and suburban habitats. One other area which can't be ignored is the study of the garments adorned by the wigger which protect his or her vulnerable nude body from the extremes of weather and environment.

"My hand? Old factory accident."
- K-Dawg

Threads, clothing, gear, or attire has such high significance for the wigger that the identity of the wigger is threatened should the clothing not immediatley signify to the world "Yo, look at me I'm a wigger ....sup biatch how you like me now!" The wigger's loyalty to hip hop culture and gangster rap music must be communicated through the clothing. We have observed that a wigger must always be listening to rap music, hip hop, or gangter hardcore rap or else he risks the stares and wrath of the tribe to which he has affiliated himself with. Tribal affilition is shown through hand signals (also known as gang signs) and other gestures which seam to always revolve around the crotch area.

Warning: At no point should one attempt to seperate hip hop clothing and rap music from the indentity of the wigger. Time and space could fold in on itself creating a black hole which would then instantly make you wish you had not attempted to reform a wigger.

Yo, look at me I'm a wigger...

The general male term Wigger can include the female Wigger which garners its own special label of Wiggette. All species have a supply of females for mating or else they go extinct, the Homo Sapien Niganderthal Whitus is no exception. The wiggette is an interesting study and our staff of respected academics are currently preparing detailed studies to educate you and satisfy your curiosity about this creature. For now please enjoy our photos of wiggers and wiggettes taken in their natural suburban hip hop habitats.